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Package 1: 8 week package for $872.75 which qualifies for $130.00 discount

Package 2: 4 week package (Beginners) $621.50

Packacge 3: 4 week advanced class package $459.95

Package 4: 8 Week Mosiac Class Designed to make a wall hanging. $440.00

Stained Glass Instructional Courses

Stained Glass Instructional Courses

Alan Coyle’s extensive background in working with glass has lead to him teaching the art of stained glass creation. Many individuals have the abilities to perform highly skilled art, but few have the talent or patients to teach it. Alan is of a rare breed of men that possess the many traits needed to lead people into achieving great works of art.

Art Glass Works Studio offers classes to learn the art of stained glass. Each class comes complete with the specially designed tools needed to work with the glass (Alan personally designed several of these tools). The glass is provided for your first project, along with the guidance and patients of a skilled craftsman.

The initial project will consist of a candle box; this project will provide the training and preparation needed for future projects. The second project will be at the discretion of the student and all work will be supervised by the artists at Art Glass Works Studio.

Contact Art Glass Works Studio for further information about upcoming classes, prices, and details for specific projects.



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