Trikke Scooter Dealer in Lake Norman Trikke Scooter Dealer in Lake Norman
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Lake Norman Trikke's line of products offers fun and fitness to board-sport athletes, families, and older or injured board sports and snow sports enthusiasts.

Welcome to Lake Norman Trikke

Your Trikke dealer in Cornelius, Davidson, Mooresville, and Lake Norman.The Trikke looks like a scooter but it is built on a patented 3-way cambering axle so the entire vehicle leans with you. Carve into turns on asphalt just like a surfer or a snowboarder! By shifting your weight and pumping the handlebars you drive the Trikke forward to provide a fun, low-impact, full-body workout!

Lake Norman Trikke's line of products offers fun and fitness to board-sport athletes, families, and older or injured board sports and snow sports enthusiasts. Our products are for anyone who wants a sensation of speed and fluid motion in their sport. The carving sensation with tremendous lean is like surfing, but on the street. We are Lisa and Alan Coyle, Trikke dealers, trainers and riders!

Our Trikke line of products offers fun and fitness for families. Take one of our Trikke's out for a spin for an exercise that is fun and easy but also provides great health benefits.  Young and old alike enjoy the low-impact workout and the fun that comes along with it. Lake Norman Trikke offers several models in sizes for the entire family. Our Trikkes are more than just fun for kids, they also provide the perfect fitness solution for older generations as well. From beginner to advanced, all riders enjoy carving downhill and challenging themselves on uphill climbs. Lake Norman Trikke offers something for everyone in the family so everyone can have fun and exercise together.

Trikke vehicles are easy to learn and provide a low-impact exercise that can be fun for the whole family. All Trikke vehicles can be adjusted to fit almost any member of the family. Trikke 3-wheel cambering vehicles provide riders the experience of propelling themselves on wheels, getting a full-body workout in the process. Legs are active for balancing and shock-absorption and arms punch for power-thrusts and hang on for stability and control. The Trikke 3-wheeler allows you, the rider, to feel the miracle of your own body and mind working in graceful unison. The bi-products of the ride are joy, health, fitness and a renewed appreciation for yourself and your life.

How much excercise are you really getting?

The below charts are calorie consumption calculations based on the weight and a 30 minute workout for an individual. These charts show a comparison for a 150, 190 and 225 pound person. One thing to notice is the top calorie burners are also among the top exercises to cause injury over time due to impact.

The below workouts are great ways to maintain your short-term and long-term health. But over time most runners, joggers and cyclists develop problems such as knee, foot and for some cyclist’s crotch problems. The Trikke is a healthy alternative that is no impact! And, you're using all your body when riding a Trikke. You're incorporating everything from your feet to your upper body. It's not just muscle exercise either; you're moving joints in a no impact positive manner. You know the saying, "Use It or Lose It"!

Trikke Training - Learn how to ride your Trikke the right way!
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Trikke Scooter Dealer in Lake Norman